Fan Art!

Here are some of the awesome fan art pieces that people and fans drew for me!
Thank you all so much!

Some friends of mine did some awesome drawings!

One drew Kervak...
The other drew himself as a Rygol!

Lael did an awesome sketch of Rita and Scout!

Rito Sternbeck did this really cool picture of Rita and Scout in an epic space battle!
He even drew Nimoy and Alistair!  Feel free to check out his web page here.

Steven Olsen did this awesome Super Strike 10 group shot in his original teenies style!
Thank you so much!  Check out Steven's comic Super Smash Interweb!

He also did the really cool pick of Scout Riding Rita!

Super Strike 10 Fan Art - Rita and Scout by MinkWinsor

Crystal Hill did an awesome pick of Scout and Rita target practicing!

She also did these others!

Check out her page! >>  Chill13!
Thank you so much!

Occupational Hazard by chill13

Daniel drew up a crossover with his characters and Super Strike 10!
Thanks man your awesome!

You can see more of his work here

My brother made some awesome Super Strike 10 figures!
Thank you so much!

Professor-R did this really cool picture of Rita and Kie!
Thanks! You're awesome!

CE: Kie by Professor-R

This is really awesome!  This one is called "Kasky's Overall Test"

I love how he drew these! 

Thank you so much! 

Got some more Super Strike fan art!  This one is an epic Scratch! Thank You so much!

Here is some fan art that I received!  It made my day! Thank You! 


Some other fan art that is awesome!

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